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May 2018
bury -
Thank you PCL for an awesome job. Loving the fact we can sit in our conservatory all year. This week has been so hot and muggy yet we could get out of the sun and relax comfortably in the conservatory with its new tiled roof. Adding sliding doors made using our barbecue so easy on Bank holiday Monday. We will definitely be enjoying our conservatory now! By the way it was all installed in just a few days and the lads were so polite and helpful . Went through a few packets of biscuits though!! Can’t praise PCL enough.

Company Response

Dear Mrs Brookes. Thank you for your feedback. So glad that you have been able to start using your conservatory during these balmy days and evenings. We have had exceptional weather over these last few days and I must say that having the full replacement solid tiled roof on your conservatory will as you have experienced make all the difference. Now, whatever the weather is outside you will be able to sit comfortably in your conservatory in an ambient temperature. Glad to be of service. Best wishes Phil Coppell, MD.

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