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June 2019
My new tiled roof on our conservatory together with new guttering,barge boards,down pipes and dry verges all around the main house started on Monday 20th may 2019 a job I was told would last for 1 week.On day one within a couple of hours the guttering crew informed me that the they could not install the dry verges as the mortar on the eaves of our house was too wide thus unable to install and they don't do it in black as my order stated even though a full survey had been carried after order placed ( good start ).The roofing crew started to dismantle my old roof when I mentioned to them that I'd taken a week off work so I could be around as the job was only going to take 1 week and was told " no mate it will take longer than that as where both off on Friday due to pre-booked holidays " (strike 2).I did get all visit from a couple of their managers including Martin with the excuses staffing problems e.g. can't get hold of a Plasterer, but because of the issue with the dry verges and t I was going to pay on " Buy now pay later" EYG would send me a cheque for £125 once they had been paid as that was the cost of the materials,Labour,and VAT as he'd ( Martin) worked it out in his head,not bad out of a job that totals in excess of £13,000.Tomorrow Monday April 10th is week 4 of the original 1 week project and as I'm only waiting for the electrician to come back and install lights etc but nevertheless still not completed ,its been one of the most stressful 3 to 4 weeks of my life and the 1 star given reflects the organizational skills of some of the EYG management team not the workers who have done brilliant but unfinished job on my conservatory.I was going to get EYG to install front and back composite doors and windows but that boat as sailed

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