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Brian Susans's Testimonial uploaded by EYG (East Yorkshire Glazing)
March 2019
The planned 4 day job to replace my conservatory door/windows and fit a hybrid roof actually took 2 months to complete. It proved impossible to speak to any manager and despite numerous phone calls and e-mails I never got anyone calling back to discuss the issues, until I said that I was not going to pay the full invoice. My original roof was removed and as the fitters had no weatherproofing materials the conservatory was left open to the weather, leading to massive flooding in that night's forecast thunderstorms. The original guttering downpipe from the house roof had been sawn off and the end left over the now exposed cavity wall, leading to the wall cavity filling with water to a height of some 600mm. The new roof does not fit properly and is padded out from the house at one end on a double thickness of 100x50 timber, with gaps of up to 50mm+ filled with expanding foam. The work was generally shoddy and it took 2 weeks to get someone out to look at it after the fitters left, and then a further 3 weeks before there was any remedial action taken. I have a further 10 windows to be replaced and EYG are not on my shortlist to do the work. I do not recommend them.

Company Response

Hi please can you email your contract number to customercare@eyggroup.com so we can investigate this for you Many Thanks EYG

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