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Omega Lifestyle Ltd

4.9/5 Stars - 88 reviews

Station Bridge , Broadway, Yaxley , Peterborough , Cambridgeshire.
0800 783 2000

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Reviews and Recent work

Kitchen ,dining room extension Company Showcase - August 2018
The project was to design ,obtain planning permission and construct an extension to a very old house. The project was in Hertfordshire but managed by our team from Peterborough. Internal steel beams were used but hidden within the walls or ceilings.
August 2018
Unfortunately I could not recommend Omega Lifestyle based upon my experiences with this company. Whilst the conservatory is adequate the companies methods and practice leave much to be desired. This company asks for a third of the money upfront before any building work takes place. A further sum of five thousand was demanded upon completion of the walls followed immediately by another five thousand when the glass windows were delivered, not when built. Almost a year after the conservatory was built they have still not completed the drainage, the water from the conservatory still drains into the foundations of the bungalow. They completely forgot about me for three months. Several times they arranged to send their builder to look at the drainage only for him to telephone me to discuss what needed to be done. Their builder then started to procrastinate about 'reinstating patios' which is not what I was asking them to do. I wanted them to put the slabs back around the base of the bungalow, which they had removed to build the conservatory. I have had to engage another builder to finish the drainage. The guttering on the bungalow which has to connect into the conservatorys box guttering is very poorly done. The guttering on the bungalow is forced out away from the soffit and rests on the guttering on the conservatory. Around the base of the conservatory is still left in a rough state where the slabs were removed. What should have been a happy event in having an addition to my home turned into an unpleasant experience in trying to get this company to complete their obligations, in spite of my having paid them monies due as soon as they requested. They never did complete the drainage and never sent the guarantee as promised. All in all not a company I could recommend.

Company Response

Our contracts have the payment terms agreed before hand - a deposit followed by stage payments . Patio slabs were lifted to construct the conservatory - which is standard. The slabs are stacked for use by the customer or disposed of. Laying patio slabs or landscaping can be quoted for and would be included in a contract if agreed. The drainage across the rear of this customers property was not installed by Omega . The customer was given a reduction in price to allow remedial work to the drainage system by the customers own builder. The reduction in price means Omega Lifestyle paid for the customers drainage to be corrected. Omega were not happy to do remedial work on another builders drainage system. We are pleased that there was no criticism of the goods supplied and installed. All completed orders have a 10 year insurance backed warranty.

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